Our Community

At the core, we're a collective group of people from different walks and working in divergent industries with the shared goal of following our purpose and passion through work. Our space may facilitate the development of projects, but it's the community who amplifies the process and turns it into an experience. That's what makes our space, and what we do, so special.

Every business within Makerspace North operates independently, offering services, products, or workshops, to enhance the space and grow the community. We create alongside one another sharing tools, equipment, resources, and knowledge.


Magmic is an award-winning publisher and developer of mobile games since the dawn of the mobile entertainment revolution. Magmic, established in 2002, has developed over 100 mobile games, with an active player base of millions of active users.



Top Shelf Distillers crafts their spirits from locally sourced, natural ingredients using a 3-step filtration process that ensures high quality and exceptional taste of our products. With ther twin column 16-plate Kothe still, they distill Top Shelf Vodka, Top Shelf Gin, Canadian whisky and cocktail bitters. The distillery is based in Perth, Ontario and many of the Sales, Marketing and Distribution team work here out of Makerspace North.



CNC Ottawa provides professional CNC routing, Laser engraving and design services. They offer end to end solutions for novices and experts alike.  Their in-house design team will be happy to work with you to create, tweak, or verify your designs to work with our lineup of CNC machines.  



Simply put, a tool library is a place where you can borrow tools instead of books. Ottawa Tool Library offers four categories of tools: Hand Tools / Power Tools / Garden Tools and Kitchen Tools. Wanting to tackle a practical or creative project is one thing, but if you don’t even know where to begin it can seem daunting. Have no fear – the OTL offers workshops and demo nights to help build your skill level!



CodeMyRobot is an example of Makers getting together to create a social enterprise that teaches robotics to students.



Krazatchu Design Systems are specialists in embedded programming, supply sourcing and small batch assembly.



ANGRYCYBORGGAMES is an Ottawa-based tabletop design studio built around making fast-paced two player strategy games. Their debut game, Outpost 18, backed on Kickstarter to nearly 1500 backers, and is available free-to-play online at playoutpost18.com. Adam Wilk develops games and operates the studio, with Kris Aubin lending his talents for graphic design.



The Aletheia Guild functions as an enterprising collective of individual creatives inspired by art-science collaboration. The focus of our guild is the co-creation and co-production of artistic works and interactive installations (transformable architecture, public art, pavilions, kiosks, etc). The guild also engages in creative projects with the community-at-large especially organizations supporting underrepresented groups.



Few of a Kind Prints is an Ottawa-based studio that crafts limited edition art prints for tastemakers on the hunt for original artwork for their design-forward homes, at a fraction of the cost of fine art pieces. Using traditional relief printmaking techniques, each high-impact design is individually drawn, carved, inked, hand-pulled and subtly unique.



Good Neighbour Soap creates all-natural, environmentally-friendly artisanal soaps, shampoo bars, and body care products. Started by two Ottawa neighbours, Meredith Newberry and Amanda Cliff, Good Neighbour offers beautiful products that smell great, nourish skin naturally and are never packaged in plastic.



N-Product is composed of a husband and wife duo.  Practitioners of the Slow Goods movement, where objects take time to craft and are made of quality materials. Materials and manufacturing processes are chosen with careful consideration in an attempt to bring future heirlooms to your household.


we make maps is an Ottawa based company making laser cut maps of neighbourhoods, cities and countries of the world. WMM offers an ever-growing offering of stock maps available online and custom maps are available and encouraged!
RoCo Industries’ mission is to develop a better solar product—one that is more architecturally integrated and can be easily installed using common tools and techniques. Their Solar Siding panel is a 2-in-1 product that installs on the exterior of the home to replace protective siding and generate electricity for energy self-sufficiency.